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DNA Testing

Peace of Mind (Personal) DNA Testing as well as Legal DNA Tests (Court Admissible)

Dna Testing By Forensic Experts In Edmonton

Forensics Plus Inc is your DNA testing provider in Edmonton. A team of trained professionals assist you in finding the answers of your most important questions of your life. Our DNA Tests are not only affordable but also carried out through an SCC accredited and certified laboratory (WFG). We assure the highest professional standards and accuracy of results. Please call @ 780 720 6303 for further information & quotes .The results offers the man tested up to a 99.99% probability that he is the biological father and 100% exclusion should he not be the father, so your peace of mind is guaranteed.

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Our DNA Tests

Most Affordable DNA Testing Services in Edmonton

Paternity DNA Test

Paternity DNA Tests determine if a man is the biological father of a child. Children inherit half of their DNA from their father and half from mother. The test compares the child’s DNA profile with that of an alleged father.

Sibling DNA Test

Our DNA Sibling Tests provide the likelihood that alleged siblings are full siblings,half siblings, or not related at all. This test helps determine if two children share both parents or one parent or don’t share both parents.

Maternity DNA Test

Maternity DNA tests establish biological relationships between a child and an alleged mother. Our maternity DNA tests guarantee 99.99%+ accuracy in case of inclusions and 100% for exclusion thus leaving no doubts.

Twins DNA Test

This Test determines whether twins are identical , fraternal or just siblings. This test is generally used to satisfy curiosity. The turnaround time is 4-5 business days after we receive the samples.

Legal DNA Test

This test is required If you need to establish paternity of a child for some legal reasons like changing name on a birth certificate, adoption, child support, child tax benefits and inheritance rights etc,

Forensics DNA Test

Our unbiased, independent Forensic DNA testing and consultation services are directed towards investigative and legal community for second opinion testing on DNA samples.

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